This weekend, a good portion of our Sunday School class went to our church’s retreat center for a little, well, retreating.  The weather was very fall-y and the company was nice.

As always, we started with a less-than-nutritious meal on the road. You can easy spot these types of meals by the various shades of beige.

While on the retreat, we were amazed how the kids immediately separated in the boys ...

... and the girls.

After some study times on Saturday (and more eating, or course), we gave folks several hours of free time.  Some folks hiked and communed with nature, while others let their kids run off a little extra energy on a playground.

Guess which group we fell into?

A tries out the relatively benign see-saw

I like to call these next clips “Our Kids Ride on the Machine that Really has the Feeling of a Trip to the Emergency Room”…

Luckily, all survived the Wheel o’ Death.

J warms up after prolonged contact with cold metal playground implements

Saturday evening, the kids decided to show off some of the artwork they had created while the adults were in study sessions.

You may have noticed J on the couch at the end of that clip, sitting in a position that expressed his displeasure with the goings on around him.

He and another boy were watching a movie and were not to happy about being interrupted for the art show. Who needs art when there are dinosaurs on TV.

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3 Comments on “Retreat”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Ah, the retreat center. Do they still have those awesome retro milk dispensers?

    I still laugh when I remember C going down the zip line and taking out half the college class that was holding the ropes at the bottom.


  2. momologuer Says:

    No retro milk dispensers any more…those were cool. Ned had to head back to work early Sunday morning, so I had the kids with me on the return trip and we took 50 the whole way…absolutely gorgeous Fall day and we stopped and had a nature moment at the State arboretum just east of Winchester…it’s the best thing UVa did, they are the supporting educational institution. A real gem. The kids got to run around between the 100 varieties of boxwoods, et al, and we read all the signs on each tree we came across.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Looks like last weekend was super. Tough that Sunday is one of your “work” days. Don’t you remember that it’s supposed to be a “day of rest.” Ha.
    Seating arrangements: just wait, it will be all too soon when the boys/girls will be equally distributed at the same table.
    Round and round on the “ankle-breakers.” Parents love to get their kids dizzy and watch them fall down = live toys.
    Art work; I’ll bet you were sorry you missed participating in that. Now where was that picture of “thunder chicken.”
    Finally: Nice, gratuitous comment about UVA, supra.

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