Thanksgiving Week, Part 1

While I may think of Thanksgiving as being a discrete event taking place on the last Thursday of November, every year it seems to stretch itself out (poetically, given the stretching of pants that also seems to occur around the same time) over more and more time.  Our Thanksgiving started last week with the kids’ Thanksgiving party at school.

A (and her ever-so-adorable-hat) works on her "I thank God for..." art

K and I made the cut.

J (who doesn't enjoy adorable hats) works on his project.

I guess "Dinosaurs" eeked us out in the voting that day.

It goes without saying that food was involved.

And that food needed to be prayed over.

A good time was had by all.


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2 Comments on “Thanksgiving Week, Part 1”

  1. vivienne hubbell Says:

    Your girls are lovely !!! Your fella looks good too,I am sure J wouldn’t want to be called lovely !!!

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    I love the apple seed song. There’s so much good theology there.

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