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Favorite Christmas Morning Videos

December 31, 2010

Just wanted to share three of my favorite moments from Christmas morning.  First up, I recorded the kids coming down first thing in the morning.

And I just want to say up front that I did not teach J the phrase he speaks.

Yes, I believe he says “Holy crap-ola!”

And here’s J accepting a lovely gift of sweaters that his Nana purchased so lovingly for him.

As Nana alluded, the sarcasm is strong in this one.

And finally, here’s K’s response to her big gift from me.  Since her gift had a tell-tale size/shape, I had to throw her off the scent by giving her a small jewelry box.  But inside the box was a note to look in one of the closets by the front door.

If you remember her early Christmas gift, you’ll know why a hybrid rescue club was not a downer after opening an empty jewelry box.

A little culture

December 29, 2010

Every once in a while, we venture out from our little suburban enclave to take advantage of some of the cultural offerings available nearby.  Part of my brother’s Christmas gift to various members of the family was to take a whole bunch of us downtown to see A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theater.

The program

The first stop was a tour through the Ford's Theater museum. Here are my three nieces with a life-size statue of Lincoln

Lincoln's last life mask, taken in 1865

The gun used by John Wilkes Booth to kill Lincoln

Always humbling to sit in the theater and see the box where Lincoln was shot.

No pictures/video of the play (since getting thrown out of Ford’s Theater is never good for the resumé), but it was fantastic.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010

From the ImNotNed family
(with 6 years of crying with Santa)






2010 (A managed to smile for the first time!)


Christmas music

December 24, 2010

For Christmas Eve, here are two clips:

The first is from the kids Christmas music performance at school

And this one is a trio from our church’s Christmas music, performed by my dad, me and my brother.  Not the best song (or microphone mix), but it’s always fun to sing with them.

Catastrophic Gingerbread House Failure

December 23, 2010

One of my favorite engineering classes was called “Catastrophic Failures.”  We studied many of the engineering disasters over the years.  That may sound a little morbid, but it’s actually pretty effective at stressing that making a mistake in engineering can have fatal consequences.

And so along those lines, here we present the case of the Catastrophic Gingerbread House Failure.

Post Failure Findings

The design called for icing to be mixed for 8 minutes to achieve the required consistency for structural adhesion.  Construction foreman didn’t want to wait 8 minutes, so she only mixed “until it looked right.”  Resulting mixture was outside of design specs.

The design called for the icing to be paced in a “thin line” along the edges of the gingerbread house walls, making sure not to over-apply.  The construction foreman decided that the construction crew could apply the adhesive icing however they wanted.  Resulting application was outside  of design specs.

The design called for the icing to sit for “at least 30-40 minutes” before attempting to place the house roof on the walls.  This time would allow the icing adhesive to set up to the required consistency needed for structural adhesion.  The construction foreman decided that she and the construction crew had to finish the house immediately and therefore did not wait the specified time for the adhesive to set up.  Resulting construction was outside of design specs.

Failure Results:

Photo of subject building immediately after "completion"

Photo of subject building approximately 2.4 seconds later


More changes to the Christmas story

December 21, 2010

Once again, J has been taking some creative license with the nativity scene.

We’re having a relaxing evening at home when we see A walk into the other room and look at the nativity scene.  Suddenly she blurts out

“J! There were no dinosaurs at the nativity!”


An early Christmas gift

December 20, 2010

To say K really enjoys golf would be an understatement.  And since golfers are known to have a penchant for purchasing the latest/greatest golf technology, we set  up a somewhat tongue-in-cheek scoring system for her to upgrade her equipment.  When she broke 100, we would get her a new bag. When she broke 95, we would get her a new driver.  When she broke 90, we would get her some new irons.

Well, she first broke 100 less than a year after she started playing golf.

She broke 95 about a year later.

Then, last October, she shot an 89 in her league tournament.

So, soon afterward, she started the hunt for her new irons.  As luck would have it, as a part of her league tournament, she won a session with a club fitter.  After spending four hours with the club fitter, looking at her swing and trying out just about every club available, she found the perfect clubs.

BTW, did I mention that she was supposed to have only one hour with the club fitter?  I guess most club fitters work with male golfers most of the time, so they don’t have a problem giving a couple of gratis hours to an attractive woman who is into golf. But I digress.

So, since these clubs were not something you pick up off the shelf at Walmart, they took several weeks to manufacture.

Guess what showed up this weekend?

Notice the goofy grin on her face.

In case you're wondering, they're Ping G15 Blue Dot. And they're offically "men's" clubs. She's very proud of that fact.

Since the workshop had a large door that opened up to the range, she had to try them out, in spite of the weather.
Yes, there was snow on the ground.

And who/what did she kiss first?