Decorating my two main living spaces

This weekend, our main task was decorating the two places at which I spend roughly the same amount of time … our house and our church.  Saturday was the annual Flower Committee Christmas decorating day at church.

One bad part about working at church?  When your wife is the Flower Committee chairman, your “day off” doesn’t always mean you get the day off.

The staging area

K's meticulous notes to help us less-than-organized folks.

Some decorations required ladder-climbing skills. Acrophobics need not apply.

K directs one of her minions

Looking up at a cherub on high

A wanted to help, so she made a special Christmas arrangement for my office.

So, 4 Christmas trees, 6 nativity scenes, hundreds of feet of garland, 100+ wreaths, and 5 hours later, we finished decorating the church for Christmas.

And what does K want to do next?  Yup, she figures we’re on a roll, so why not decorate our house.  First order of business was to get a tree.

OK, that was the second order of business.  I believe the actual first order of business was to finish taking down the last of our Halloween decorations.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Not Thanksgiving decorations.  Halloween Decorations.

Moving on.

Getting a Christmas tree is always somewhat of a bone of contention around our house.  When she was growing up, K always had a real tree.  My family, on the other hand, had several beat up moving boxes stored in the basement that contained an amalgam of wood, greenish-colored plastic, and multiple layers of tinsel from Christmases past that, when put together in just the right order, would resemble something that could possibly be mistaken for a tree.

If you squinted just right.

But that tree didn’t cost $75 each year, either.  Being somewhat frugal, I’ve spent 15 years trying to convince K that spending a couple hundred dollars on a quality artificial tree would pay for itself in only a few years.  But since she always has this vision of the annual Christmas tree purchase as some sort of Norman Rockwell moment, we’ve gotten a real tree every year.

Let’s not talk about the fact that our Christmas tree buying experiences have been, shall we say, less that Norman Rockwell-esque.

Moving on again.

So once again this year, we bundled up the gang and headed out to purchase a newly deceased conifer to drag into our living room to festoon with bits of ribbon, lights and colored balls.

The newly acquired tree, still wrapped in that lovely plastic netting. Too bad they can't build lights into this netting, since it would kill two birds with one stone. Hmmm, I smell a business opportunity.

In addition to the main once-alive tree, we do have a smaller artificial auxiliary tree.  I bought this one the year K was pregnant and on bedrest, since there was no way I was getting a real tree up into our bedroom (and also, since she couldn’t get out of bed, the decision was completely mine that year).  Now this tree is the “kids’ tree,”  since they get to decorate it however they see fit.  It sits at the landing at the top of our steps.

The only problem is that the decorations stop about 4 feet up the tree.

The only agreement we have about getting a real tree is that K has to put the lights on.  This God-forsaken task may be the only thing that convinces her to get a pre-lit artificial tree.

K putting on the lights and trying not to curse

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3 Comments on “Decorating my two main living spaces”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Did you lose the colored light vote? Because let me tell you, with our house full of boys, I got shot down 4-1 on putting white lights on the tree.

  2. momologuer Says:

    I am extremely thankful to Ned because if he does like colored lights, he’s never said a word, and the kids don’t know colored lights exist yet.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Love K’s notes…..she needs some 3×5 cards.
    Love the kids tree.
    Artificial tree started in Miami where a real one costs an “arm and a leg.” I guess it lasted for while. Some of us are just not big “tree” people. Sorry if that rubbed off on U. M is a BIG tree person. TRADITION !! Oh well.

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