Favorite Christmas Morning Videos

Just wanted to share three of my favorite moments from Christmas morning.  First up, I recorded the kids coming down first thing in the morning.

And I just want to say up front that I did not teach J the phrase he speaks.

Yes, I believe he says “Holy crap-ola!”

And here’s J accepting a lovely gift of sweaters that his Nana purchased so lovingly for him.

As Nana alluded, the sarcasm is strong in this one.

And finally, here’s K’s response to her big gift from me.  Since her gift had a tell-tale size/shape, I had to throw her off the scent by giving her a small jewelry box.  But inside the box was a note to look in one of the closets by the front door.

If you remember her early Christmas gift, you’ll know why a hybrid rescue club was not a downer after opening an empty jewelry box.

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2 Comments on “Favorite Christmas Morning Videos”

  1. CarpoolQueen Says:

    Well done with the subterfuge!

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Whatever happened to the good old box of heavy bullets? And as to the reactions/comments of the kids, who knows where kids learn things. In this case, obviously from one of his uncles, right? Stick with that story.

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