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A Nice Surprise

January 3, 2011

Since Tuesday is K’s 40th birthday, I wanted to do something special for her.  I did some preliminary work planing a surprise party, but many different circumstances conspired against me.  So I figured an even better surprise would be to give K a couple of days with her good friend The Carpoolqueen.

CPQ and I began conspiring months ago, trying to sync up our families’ various home and work schedules.  Finally, we agreed that she could come up the weekend before K’s birthday.  As the time got closer, I had to surreptitiously maneuver K to not schedule anything for this weekend (including having to convince her not to make her own trip down to see CPQ in December).

Finally we made it to Saturday morning.  CPQ left North Carolina early in the AM.  My job was to get K out of the house so CPQ could surprise her while we were out (it’s pretty impossible to surprise anybody at our house given our remote location).  But no matter what I suggested, K was determined to have a “quiet day” at home.  With hourly updates from CPQ as she drove, I had to come up with an excuse to leave the house and meet her someplace so I could bring her back to the house in our car.  Being New Year’s Day, nothing was open, so this task wasn’t easy.

Luckily, K provided me with an excuse when she commented that we really needed to make a trip to the dump to properly dispose of an old printer and microwave.  After convincing her that the dump would actually be open, I headed out to meet CPQ.  In a scene reminiscent of a Bond movie, we parked her car near our house while she got in the back seat of our truck.  Ducking down so she couldn’t be seen, we pulled into the garage.

And as we walked towards the house door from the garage, K flung open the door.

Using her cat-like reflexes, CPQ was able to duck down behind Nana’s van.  K hadn’t seen her, but had come to the door to check on me.  She was worried that something was wrong since I was home much faster than expected.  I gave her a quick assurance, then decided to spring the trap.

To say K was surprised would be an understatement

I believe K is saying "What are you doing here?!?!?"

Once they stopped crying, K and CPQ  fell right back into their normal routine of good conversation, shopping, tea drinking, manicures/pedicures, and eating too much.  Some highlights:

Working on a flower project

There was just a little shopping. I had to chaperone to keep the damage to a minimum.

I tried to help out MrCPQ by convincing CPQ to get these 4" platform stilettos. It didn't work.

Did I mention the less-than-nutritious food?

A monopolizes CPQ's iPhone.

Overall, I’m not sure we could have planned a better surprise for K.  A big thank you goes out to CPQ for doing all the hard work of driving up here.  And also a big thank you to MrCPQ for holding down the fort while she was away.