I addition to the various fun gifts K received on her birthday last week, she also got one not-so-fun gift.

She was diagnosed with lyme disease.

Over the past year or so, she’s been on some low-dose pain medication to help alleviate some hip pain (an artifact of carrying twins … a lovely parting gift given to her by our children).  A couple of weeks ago, her prescription lapsed, so she spent a couple of days without this medication.

So the hip pain returned.

But this time it brought friends.

First, her shoulder hurt.  Then it was a knee.  Then her lower back.  Knowing that the onset of her 40s was fast approaching, she first chalked it up to age.  Then, at our Sunday School Christmas party, she had a conversation with a class member who also happens to be a pharmacist.  In between their exciting (to them) conversation of geeky pharmacological-speak, he mentioned that he had similar symptoms several months ago and tested positive for lyme disease.

We’ve always been leery of lyme disease, mostly because our house sits in the middle of deer-infested woods.  A couple of years before he passed away, our dog had been diagnosed with lyme disease.  A neighbor had a  similar story of moving aches and pains and was diagnosed with lyme disease.

Given all these data points, K finally decided to get checked out.  Her doctor was initially dismissive, but went ahead with the test.  She called with the positive results on K’s birthday last week.

So now, K is in the middle of a 21 day antibiotic regimen.  Other than causing mild nausea, the hardest part is that these particular antibiotics must be taken on a bizarre schedule that was so complicated we finally made up a chart to figure it out.  Hopefully this will knock out the little Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto buggers.  If not, we move on to even more fun, like an antibiotic drip.

Stay tuned.

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6 Comments on “Blymey!”

  1. miss V. Says:

    Hope K.feels better soon !!! Our computer died way before Christmas & we lost everything except our family pictures. Blessings..I have been driving my wonderful spouse with whips & chains to get me back to your blog. He did it today…The Doctor said he will be alright in the near future..I have gone back to where I lost you and have caught up. B, your trio made me cry!!How wonderful and blessed can you get?

  2. miss V. Says:

    Happy belated Birthday K!!!! Your Husband is a clever fellow isn’t he !! Tell Nana I send heer my very best !!

  3. IamNana Says:

    Welcome back, Miss V! I wondered where you were. Glad to hear you’re ok, and that your wonderful hubby is recovering from the beatings. 😉

  4. carpoolqueen Says:

    Blymey, indeed.

    Charts? Drip?

    NO FUN.

  5. quotation marks Says:

    One of the “benefits” of living in the woods. Praying that the first treatment will handle it. Hang in there K.

  6. Madge Mueller Says:

    So sorry, hope you feel better soon!

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