A Note from School

For the first time, J brought home a note from school.

But it wasn’t from a teacher or administrator.

It was from a girl.

There are no spelling mistakes in kindergarten.

I was at a late night meeting the night the note came home, so I didn’t get to enjoy this story first hand.  But as K relayed it to me, I wish I had been there.

K decided not to open and read it.  Instead, she asked J to open and read it while we they were eating dinner.  J opened the envelope, unfolded the letter, and began to read …

“To: J   From Josie

I love you so much.  Can I touch your …”

Judging from the dents in the ceiling, K and Nana both jumped about 10 feet at this point.  K immediately grabbed the note.  This is what she saw:

The actual contents of the note.

For those of you who don’t speak kindergarten, it says:

To: J  From Josie

I love you so much.  Can I tell you my secret?  It’s true.

Love ya,


Obviously J’s burgeoning reading skills prompted him to read “tell you” as “touch your.”

Maybe it was simply wishful thinking.

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3 Comments on “A Note from School”

  1. miss V. Says:

    I would encourage you to go in the wishful thinking mode..May that continue for a few more years… We have two almost 8 year old grandkids and we are still holding out for age 25…foolish older folks !!!!

  2. quotation marks Says:

    COMMENT: I dare not comment about this. It might incriminate the “guilty.” Hey, you’ve got to meet this Josie.

  3. carpoolqueen Says:

    Keepsake box! I still have mine from third grade “Will you go out with me? Circle yes or no”

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