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Acting! Genius!

January 24, 2011

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been passing around the typical winter virus.  A had it first, which, given her 102° fever, caused her to miss a day of school.  This caused her much grief, because she had to miss Calendar Day.  I don’t know what Calendar Day entails, but obviously missing it is a traumatic experience for a kindergartener.

After the virus passed through me and K, J finally got it at the end of last week.  His teacher emailed us Thursday morning, letting us know that he wasn’t feeling well (Ya gotta love these new school communication methods.  We get text messages and emails.  Kinda beats the note pinned to the lapel.).  While he never had a fever, we kept him home from school Friday just to be sure.

Over the weekend, he showed no signs of illness (other than his usual 5-year-old boy attitude).  So last night before bed, I made sure he knew that he was going to school in the morning.

Without a beat, he subtly transformed into Laurence Olivier.

“But Dad,” he said, “I can’t go to school.  I still have a cough.”

He then proceeded to produce the weakest “chuh-chuh” in a vain attempt to prove he was still on death’s door.

Needless to say, he’s sitting in class this morning.