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Here comes the thunder

January 27, 2011

We had our first real snow storm of the season last night.  9 inches.  Unfortunately, those 9 inches came in about 4 hours.

During evening rush hour.

Luckily, I took off from work around 3:15, as soon as the pelting sleet started.  It only took me 50 minutes to get home. Others weren’t so lucky.

Our senior pastor lives 6 miles from the church.  It took him 3.5 hours to get home.  There were many reports of 6 … 7 … 8 hour commutes.  People leaving their cars on the side of the road.  Dogs and cats living together.  Mass hysteria.

Then, with a clap of thunder (yes, thunder snow), our power went out.

And our phone.

With cell phone batteries quickly dwindling (and cell service being jammed due to the power outages and people stuck in traffic), I made as many calls and texts messages as I could to make sure everybody from work got home OK.

The snow piled up quickly (2-3″ per hour).  By 11PM, it had stopped snowing, leaving 9 inches on the ground.  We cranked up our gas fireplace, and tried to keep busy (and warm).

Since the kids are celebrating their birthday at school on Friday, K had to ice cookies ... by flashlight.

My brother has a whole house generator and offered us a room for the night.  But since the kids were already in bed, and the house was  still pretty warm, we decided to stick it out.

Sleeping wasn’t too bad.  It was 60° in the house when we woke up, which, given the weather, also wasn’t too bad.  However, when you are on well water, the bigger issue is that having no power means having no water.  After snowblowing the driveway for 2.5 hours (yes the snowblower does work this year), we did take up my brother’s offer to shower at his house.

And trust me, everybody’s glad we did.

Since K had a meeting she needed to make, we both piled into the truck and headed out.

As soon as we left our driveway, we had to play limbo with a fallen tree.

Next door, my brother works on his driveway. I've highlighted the downed telephone line hanging above his head.

Other trees that we made it under.  Sort of.

A little further down the road, we found the cause of our power troubles.

Once out on the main road, we were able to confirm the rumors of abandoned vehicles.

Yes, this person thought it was OK to leave their vehicle in the middle of a 4 lane road. Sideways.

So we both made it to work OK.  The power company estimates that power should be up by this evening.  In the meantime, pray for Nana.  She’s the one stuck in a power-less, water-less, phone-less house with two 5-year-olds.