Playing “Little House on the Prairie”

It’s now been almost 40 hours since we lost power/water/telephone. Luckily, my brother’s house has a whole-house generator, so we’ve spent the past 15 hours there. The kids’ school has been closed for three days. I’m off today, so at least Nana doesn’t have to keep them occupied by herself. It’s really been an interesting couple of days.

Did I mention we’re leaving for Disney World tomorrow?

While the timing of this trip is somewhat fortuitous, having no power presents certain challenges. Most difficult is the concept of packing for a week long trip when you can’t wash clothes, or, for matter of fact, even see them. Not to mention that we’ll have to pack in a house that is currently a balmy 50 degrees and falling.

Who knows what condition our house will be in when we get back, but at least we’ve got week of Disney World and above freezing temperatures ahead of us.

Oh look, it’s snowing again. I think I’ll check the weather in Orlando one more time…

… sunny and 71 tomorrow.


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One Comment on “Playing “Little House on the Prairie””

  1. quotation marks Says:

    ……AND A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL….JUST KIDDING. Right now I hope your flight is taxiing down the runway. Ah the life of living in the woods. Very thankful for the snow blower. *******

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