Disney Day 2: the Lows and Highs

So our second day at Disney started early. As in just after midnight. The night before, Nana put the kids to bed while K and I went to the store, stocking up on essential supplies such as bread, milk, and Krispy Kremes. When we got back, A and J were in bed on the pull out bed in the living room. We quietly unloaded the groceries and went to bed.

At about midnight, we thought we heard a knock on the door. It sounded far away, so we thought it was downstairs. A couple of minutes later, Nana heard a knock and went to the front door, but didn’t see anybody.

Then, the phone rang.

K answered from bed, and heard two sentences she never thought she’d hear.

“Do you have a child named A? She’s outside.”

I believe I broke a land speed record getting to the condo’s front door. When I opened it, I saw a condo security guy and two uniformed policed officers standing at my door. I also saw the open door of the condo next door to ours. In that condo, wrapped in her blanket and holding her Minnie Mouse doll, was A.

Long story (somewhat) short, A had awakened and didn’t know where she was. She tried to find us and went to the first door she could find, which was the front door. This door is one of those that disengages the deadbolt when the handle is turned. A went outside and the door closed behind her. From what we can figure out, our neighbors heard her outside and let her into their room. After they didn’t get a response knocking, they called the resort security.

So, now it’s 1AM and we’re a wreck, thinking about what could have happened. After a fitful sleep (mostly because A slept in bed with us), we headed to Epcot, a little sleepy, but not much worse for wear. Being a “we paid for this so we’re going to get every minute out of it” type of guy, we were at the park 30 minutes before opening. K mocked me incessantly, saying she could have stopped for a Starbucks on the way. But we were the first at the rope.

First, some of the Disney characters came out and greeted us with high fives. Then two young ladies in uniforms started talking to us. They asked if the five of us were together. When we said yes, they said we had been chosen to ride Soarin’ first. If you’ve never been to Epcot, Soarin’ is a combination IMAX film and flight simulator. It’s the most popular ride in the park. People run to it at opening and sometimes wait hours to ride.

And we were going to ride it first.

Not only that, but we were escorted back to the ride before the park even officially opened, so the park was empty (which was very surreal). Oh, and there was one more perk.

We got to ride it completely by ourselves. Just the five of us.

While the rest of the day was great, it was hard to top that type of beginning at the park. Especially given how our day started.

And better yet, K can no longer give me grief for wanting to be first in line at the parks.

Tomorrow: J & A’s 6th birthday at the Magic Kingdom.

Some random shots from today:

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2 Comments on “Disney Day 2: the Lows and Highs”

  1. miss V. Says:

    Sadly,been there done it..Very scary… My sister was in it’s a small, small world, and the ride broke, she was trapped for 3 hours…I figured she had it coming..

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Oh my, what a day. Talk about ups and downs, or as you put it, lows and highs. Now the “soaring” ride sounds just up my ally. First in line…sounds like many years ago when the park was really new….two little boys being escorted….but that time by another kind of security person…”everyone off the elevator. Go through that door…..WOW.
    BE SAFE…..A’s already trying to “sneak out.” hmmm

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