Disney Day 3: One Long Birthday Party

Monday was the kids’ 6th birthday, so we were back at the Magic Kingdom. While we didn’t get picked for any special events, we didn’t lose any children, either. Highlights include:

Lunch with the Princesses at Cinderella’s castle.

Riding Aladdin’s Magic Carpet over and over, since everybody else was waiting for the parade.

A’s picture being projected on the castle as a part of the pre-fireworks show.

Just about every Cast Member wishing J and A a Happy Birthday. Of course, the “Happy Birthday” buttons and “I’m 6 Today” t-shirts didn’t hurt.

When J was asked who his favorite princess was, he answered “My sister.”

Did I mention we didn’t lose any children today?

Some random pictures/videos:

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2 Comments on “Disney Day 3: One Long Birthday Party”

  1. Quotationmarks Says:

    Hey, a day of driving. J seems to be doing well. What a way to celebrate their 6th.
    Let me count: B, K, J, and A…now where is Nana?
    Hope you know where she is. Sorry…couldn’t resist.
    Ice expected here today/tomorrow.
    Did you get to see the miners in the parade yesterday? But I forget..it
    Was a special 6th day 4 all oh you. Thanks for the “few thousand words.”

  2. miss V. Says:

    Great day for you all !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY J & A !!!!Where is Nana ? May the fun continue…

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