Disney Day 4: We’re 2 for 3

Once again, we were at the park (Animal Kingdom today) before park opening. Once again, we were right up on the rope at opening. And yes, once again we were chosen to be the first family to ride the most popular ride in the park (Kilimanjaro Safari). As our friend CPQ said, it must be the cute little redhead. We’re thinking about renting her out.

Weather’s great (80 degrees and sunny). We may get a little rain tomorrow, but that won’t slow us down.

We’re going for 3 for 4.

Tomorrow, Hollywood Studios.

Video of A and J on the drums. Glad we don’t have these at home.

K finally agreed to ride a thrill ride with me. But she wasn’t thrilled about it.

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One Comment on “Disney Day 4: We’re 2 for 3”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Day 4 looks as though it was beautiful…and you got it off to a super start. As to the drums; now I know what to get for the next BD…or maybe B 4.
    Be nice to K….. Finally saw a pic of Nana. Good.
    Just FYI, we’ll be at Reston H. bright and early tomorrow… 6:00 am. Ugh. Better early than late. I’ve always told you and S that you’ll have to keep a rope around your “gals” wrists when they’re teenagers. Maybe you’ll need to start earlier with A. Just kidding. Glad you’re having a good time.

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