Disney Day 5: Hooray for Hollywood?

Today we were at Hollywood Studios. While we were at the park at rope drop (in fact we were the fourth car in the lot), we weren’t picked to do anything special today. Of course, it didn’t appear that anybody was chosen, so I don’t feel slighted. Cause obviously our kids are the cutest and should be chosen every time (there were a couple of cute kids in mouse ears next to us at the rope this AM, but I managed to screen them out of the way).

Overall, this was a great day crowd-wise. But we found that there really isn’t much for a 6 year old to do there (especially compared to the other parks). It’s the most thrill-ride oriented park. But even the shows aimed at kids have scary and loud parts. While the plan was to hit each park twice this week, the lack of interest from the kids and our ability to go on every ride we wanted to means we’ll probably not return to Hollywood Studios again this week.

Highlights today:

Walking on just about every ride, multiple times.

Kicking K’s butt on Toy Story Mania. Three times.

Eating lunch at the Sci Fi Drive-in, where you sit in ’57 Chevy-shaped tables and watch cheesy 50’s movie clips while you eat.

Having K ride the Tower of Terror with me. Normally I have to ride this alone. But she went with me once, which made the ride a whole lot more fun.

Watching J enjoy the Jedi Training Academy, where kids get to battle Darth Vader. He even asked to purchase his own lightsaber, which I was thrilled to purchase for him:

Not to be outdone, A had to get her own lightsaber:

In retrospect, getting both of them collapsible sticks may not have been the best idea:

Some random pictures, including a shot of J standing next to the slide that broke his leg 4 years ago:

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4 Comments on “Disney Day 5: Hooray for Hollywood?”

  1. Susan Says:

    Try Gatorland. It was one of our favorite stops.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    A few comments early B 4 we leave at 5:30am for hospital:
    Hollywood…scary and noisy…right up B’s ally.
    I hope K’s “butt” is still okay and wasn’t kicked too hard at Toy Story Mania; or that’s spousal abuse.
    Also got her on the Towerof Terror?She must love you.
    And how are you going to get those sword/type weapon light sabers home? Oh I see, they collapse
    ’57 Chevy; the best when I was in HS and still is a classic whether or not you get to eat in it.
    Comment above re Gatorland !!!! Keep an eye on the kids.
    Sounds like you’re having fun and it looks from the “dress” that the weather’s cooperating. 🙂

  3. miss V. Says:

    I love your weather there…-13 this am…Enjoy !!!

  4. Quotation marks Says:

    Second look. No broken leg from slide… Hooray

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