Disney Day 6: Survey Says …

We were back at Epcot today, catching some of the things we didn’t get to do on Sunday. Mostly this involved doing the World Showcase, the half of the park that has representations of several countries from around the world. Epcot has a nice program for kids at World Showcase, putting colorings/stamping stations at each country. It definitely keeps the kids interested.

Crowds were once again very low. We walked on to every ride we wanted to visit. And the weather continued to be perfect.

There we two major highlights of the day. First, K and I went on the “Behind the Seeds” tour of Epcot’s Land pavilion. This tour goes behind the scenes at K’s favorite Epcot ride, Living with the Land. This ride showcases advanced agricultural techniques. K was thrilled to be able to do this tour. And I definitely made some positive points after yesterday’s Tower of Terror ride.

Giant pumpkins

Growing Mickey Mouse shaped cucumbers

Helping distribute ladybugs

The second highlight of the day was being chosen to participate in a survey. Now normally I run from surveys as a waste of time. But this survey was about some interesting developments in Disney’s website applications. Since I spent over 15 years in web application development, I thought this would be interesting. And it didn’t hurt that they were going to pay me $100 to participate.

So at a prescribed time, I went to the Seas pavilion. I was led backstage and up an elevator to the VIP lounge above the main Seas pavilion. This lounge had windows looking directly out into the main aquarium. After a couple of minutes chatting with the head of IT development for Epcot surveys, I was led to a series of computers and a person conducting the survey. Unfortunately, I can’t discuss what I saw due to a series of non-disclosure agreements I signed. But it was a very cool process.

This is the lounge at The Seas

Some other random pics from today:

Tomorrow … one more day at the Magic Kingdom.

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2 Comments on “Disney Day 6: Survey Says …”

  1. Quotation marks Says:

    Day six. A little payback time. Now I am glad that some people like to play with bugs. How boring if everyone just liked the thrill rides. And the lines would be a lot longer!!!
    Tour involved: wasn’t the timing of my call about M perfect. Thanks for answering.
    Drums and bands…ears covered. J’s doing fine.
    SURVEY: you’re still under non-disclosure agreements.. But $100 isn’t bad.
    So glad about the weather, etc.
    But as the “saying” goes, “The time has come(almost) the walrus said” to think about heading home. One more today and Sat. I’ve sort of lost track of exactly what day of the week it is. M had a good evening.
    See you on Sunday

  2. miss V. Says:

    Enjoy your warm time while it lasts….

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