Disney Day 7: Kids’ Choice

When I originally planned this trip, we were going to spend two days in each of the four parks. But after we did everything in Hollywood Studios on Wednesday, we decided to let the kids pick where we would spend our final full day.

Of course, they picked the Magic Kingdom.

Some highlights from today:

Going back to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, a comedy routine based on the Monsters Inc. movie. They take jokes from audience members via text message and feature audience members on video screens during the show. Well, continuing our streak of being picked out of the crowd, J and A were featured on the video screens, and the joke they had K text in was read during the show. Needless to say, they were thrilled with this show.

Riding the Tea Cups with J and A (since K does not do spinning things)

Our longest wait in line turned out to be so A could get a picture with Tinker Bell.

Having the time to enjoy some of the more laid back attractions, like the Liberty Belle steam boat, the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, the railroad, and eating a funnel cake while watching a parade.

Tomorrow, we hit the Animal Kingdom one more time before heading home.

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One Comment on “Disney Day 7: Kids’ Choice”

  1. quotationmarks Says:

    You sound like Uncle Tom on the rides….
    Funnel cake…life is good.
    One more time to the Animal Kingdom…super.
    See you tomorrow.

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