Disney Day 8: More Animals, Heading Home, and the ER

Another lesson learned from taking a week off to go to Disney World … it takes several days to catch up, leaving little time for blogging.  So for completeness’ sake, here’s our recap of day 8.

Yes, we did spend eight days in the parks at Disney. And as K likes to say, Disney may not be the most relaxing vacation, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

On Saturday, we packed up the vacation-mobile and checked out of our condo.  Our flight wasn’t until 7PM that night, so we had plenty of time for one more park … K’s favorite, the Animal Kingdom.

Eight days worth of parking passes, totalling $112, all graciously paid for by Nana.

One of our first stops (after collecting photos 234 through 245 of A with the various Disney characters) was the Festival of the Lion King show.  K loves to sing during this part.

Nana and the kids at the show.

After the show, we finally let A get the face-painting she had been begging for all week.

The final product. Nice.

While A was enjoying her face paint, J, K and I took one last safari ride.

This was our first trip without one of these. While not having a place to store things was somewhat challenging, the trip was soooo much better without one. And the kids never complained.

We had perfect weather all week, averaging a high of about 80°, without a drop of rain.  Then, on our way out of the park on our last day, it started to drizzle just a little.  The kids were thrilled, since they had wanted to wear their ponchos all week.

However A was less than enthused when she found out we were leaving.

The trip home was uneventful, outside of the airline loading the plane then immediately telling everybody we had to get off the plane because  flights were backed up, only to turn around 5 minutes later and load everybody back onto the plan again.

Outside of that whole A-walking-out-of-our-condo-at-midnight incident, I’m not sure we could have had a better week. The weather was perfect, the crowds were light, and a good time was had by all.  We just needed to head home to relax.

Except for a little trip to the ER the first morning back.

Long story short, after getting home late Saturday night, we had to be at church Sunday AM.  While K was getting ready Sunday morning, she started to use some sort of eyelash brush/medieval torture device to work on her eyelashes.

I swear her eyelash brush looks something like this.

While normally K has pretty good aim, it was less than accurate that day, raking this eyelash brush/torture instrument across her eyeball instead of her eyelash.  I knew it wasn’t good when I found her curled up on the floor, wincing in pain and complaining of nausea.

So off to the ER we went.

Luckily, it was a minor scratch across her eye.  But since the cornea contains a lot of nerve endings, it hurt like crazy.  And it was right across her iris, causing blurred vision.

Checking her vision, which was not good in the affected eye.

Closeup of her eye containing dye and under UV light. Cool!

She was given some antibiotic drops and pain meds and sent home.  Luckily, the cornea is one of the fastest healing parts of the body.  It stopped hurting later in the day, and her vision is almost back to normal.

Never a dull moment.

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2 Comments on “Disney Day 8: More Animals, Heading Home, and the ER”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    NEVER A DULL MOMENT !! What do you expect with two little ones, two parents and a super-Nana in the family. The “eye.” Wow. As to the weather; it’s like leaving the beach and having the rain start. Been there; done that. Sounds as though the trip was “almost” uneventful. Now back to the real world. Glad everyone got back safe and sound.

  2. miss V. Says:

    Sounds like a family Vacation…Excitement, fun,some near panic thrown in for a change of pace,and those darn brushes strike again !!! perfect !!!Glad you are all home safe..Thanks for sharing your trip…

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