The new role model

Growing up as the sons of an FBI agent, my brother and I always played some variety of Cops and Robbers, replete with lots of toy guns, badges, and handcuffs.

Yes, handcuffs.  You can only imagine the fun to be had between two boys and toy handcuffs.

I guess our own kids are now imitating us and our work paraphernalia.  The other day, we saw A walking around holding a card between her two hands.  She was looking at the card intently, while her thumbs were a flurry of motion.  When she finally put the card down, I picked it up to see what was so fascinating:

Yes, she made a paper Blackberry.

Complete with a “<- Back” key.

And the message on the screen?

“I love Mommy.  Love, A”

I’m pretty sure this is headed for the memory box, if not to K’s wall at work.

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2 Comments on “The new role model”

  1. miss V. Says:

    No question that it will be saved !!! I still have things out that ours made over (gasp) forty years ago!! That’s just how us Moms are….

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Watch out for the onset of arthritis of her thumbs.

    As to the handcufs, sounds like “fun” to me; as play or for real. I hope you “set” the lock so the bad guys couldn’t grind them down on themselves and then claim you put the cuffs on too tight.

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