Paging Social Services

Probably our single biggest child-rearing issue has been, and continues to be, centered around food.

As in, when it comes to eating, the inmates are running the asylum.

Before we had kids, we used to mock other families who brought chicken nuggets to dinners so their kids had something to eat.  We would never do that.  Our kids would eat whatever was put in front of them.  Our kids would eat whatever the family was eating for dinner.  We would not make special meals for our kids.

So, Mr. Smartypants, six years in, how’s that working out for ya?

Unfortunately, the kids obviously didn’t get the memo, since we do the opposite of that at almost every meal.  We’ve tried all the recommended strategies for getting them to eat different foods.  Obviously these strategies have worked out really well.

For example, as she does every week, K brought the kids up to church for Wednesday night dinner last night.  The menu usually has something that they’re willing to eat.

But last night, it did not.

And so, even with their friend there to provide moral support and prove that the food wasn’t poison, J and A ate nothing for dinner.  On the way home, they started hitting up K for a snack.  She held her ground and informed them that they weren’t going to get any snack since they didn’t try any of their dinners.

But A would have her psychological revenge.

At prayer time before bed, they both prayed for family, school, etc.  Then A pulled out the big guns.

“Lord, thank you for our food, but I’d really like some food, because I’m very hungry.”


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4 Comments on “Paging Social Services”

  1. miss V. Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how many things you said you would NEVER do, that you end up DOING. I wish you lots of luck on your journey,there’s MUCH MORE to come !!!

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Hey; why don’t all of you just have a steady diet of chicken nuggets…..Problem solved.
    Or why not try Tuna Fish?

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