Another “you know you work at a church” moment

The kids had just gone to bed Monday night.  I had settled down for the evening.  The time was 8:30pm.

And the phone rang.

Not my cell phone, but the home phone.

It was a church member.

Did they need help?  Did somebody in their family die?  Was the church on fire?

None of the above.

No, they needed to know, at exactly that moment, what paint color we had used on the walls of our Welcome Center.


When I explained that I really didn’t have that type of minutia in my brain, they asked me what time I got to work in the morning so they would know when to expect my call.

Then they asked if it was better to call me first thing in the morning to, you know, remind me that she needed this vital information.

I guess this is one of those “duties as assigned.”

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2 Comments on “Another “you know you work at a church” moment”

  1. miss V. Says:

    Did you give them the right color?or did you change it just one tone?

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Oh….I like the way “Miss V” thinks……

    I really don’t want to start guessing as who “she” was.

    Yep, “related duties.” You know, you could have given her JB’s number. He might have known. Nope, not a good idea.

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