Firing Up Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine

I was surfing around the cable channels last night when I ran across a show about a Space Shuttle mission from back in 1993.  This shuttle mission was particularly important since it was the when NASA fixed the the focus issues on the Hubble Space Telescope.  Whenever I happen across anything about this particular mission, I tend to pause and watch it, since I happened to work this shuttle mission from NASA’s Mission Control in Houston.

I wish I had held onto one of those paper Hubble Telescope models.

I also wish I had held onto my hair.

Not only was this mission memorable because I got to work it in Mission Control, but I ended up meeting K within a couple of weeks after returning from Houston.  Looking for the pictures of me in Houston, I ran across the picture of K at the beach several months after we met:

Now that's what I call memorable.


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5 Comments on “Firing Up Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine”

  1. Momologuer Says:

    Care to explain your obscure reference “Mr. Peabody and the WABAC,” Notned?

    As to the beach photo, oy, warn a girl first so I can put the cookies on my lap away as I read the blog…maybe that’s where my abs went.

  2. miss V. Says:

    Glad to see K hung onto her hair.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Boy, you didn’t have a chance. You got caught by the ” K bait.”
    Memorable days in Houston…..and upon return.

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