Quick Pit Stop

Our good friend CPQ took her boys on a trip to Philadelphia this week.  On their way back, they stopped in for one night, which means only one evening of eating poorly.

K shows off her new baby by having a videoconference with CPQ. While sitting next to each other.

We were slightly shocked when CPQ first pulled up, since she had obviously forgotten to bring the boys, and instead had picked up three large men on the road.

Oh wait, those are the boys.

Just to show you how much the boys had grown since the last time we saw them, here’s some comparison shots of K and Tommy.

Here's Tommy and K in Nov. 2009

And here they are today. K is 5' 7"

Tommy's size 12 shoe up against my size 9. Did I mention these boys are 11 years old?

J and A always have a ball with the CPQ boys.

Tommy reading a goodnight story to J and A

One of the boys even lost a tooth while at our house. We feel so honored.

Unfortunately, since CPQ and her boys are always on the move, they had to leave first thing this morning.

As quickly as she arrived, CPQ (and her new van) rode off to parts unknown.


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4 Comments on “Quick Pit Stop”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    WOW. I’d hate to have to pay their grocery bill. Great to see them. When they’re full “grown,” who knows how tall they’ll be, but what do their parents expect. Tall parents = tall kids. I’d have loved to have seen Tommy standing next to Bubba.
    What neat friends.

  2. […] 4.  I also made a stop in Northern Virginia to visit NotNed and Momologuer.  Hooray for NotNed who remembered to take pictures and blog about that day! […]

  3. carpoolqueen Says:

    Was I about to drive on your grass? My apologies.

  4. miss V. Says:

    Truly good friends are such a blessing.

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