This is why we teach our children to read.

After doing some Easter decorating, the kids started playing with one of the now-empty storage containers.

Their new room is a little cozy.

After J got out, A folded herself up to fit into the box and asked me to put the lid on and carry her around the house.

And we'll do this every time she tries to go on a date.

When I asked J if he wanted to get in and go for a ride, he said no.  When I asked him why not, he replied “We’re not supposed to.”  When I asked why he thought that, he pointed to the back of the lid:

The sticker says "ATTENTION STUPID DADS: Do not put your kids in this box."

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3 Comments on “This is why we teach our children to read.”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    It’s also a miracle that you survived your childhood. I won’t go in to detail……

  2. miss V. Says:

    Good thing J. is paying attention there Dad….

  3. Debbie Sue Lyon Says:

    I just love your blog….even though I rarely comment, I do keep up with your family! Your dad, as you know, makes sure all of us “Jones” girls keep up with the kids! Your family definitely has true PK influencial characteristics!!!!

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