Mother’s Day Weekend

It was an event-packed weekend in the NotNed household, starting right off the bat with a Friday night emergency fashion consultation.  Our good friend CPQ was attending a wedding reception that evening.  She tweeted about purchasing hot rollers for the first time since 1987, but not remembering how to use them.  Reacting to this girlfriend-in-need Bat-signal, K sprung into action.  Thanks to modern technology, they were able to video conference on the situation.

Crisis averted, thanks to the iPad.

One of the downsides to having twins is that we tend to do things with both of them instead of individually.  So Saturday, we made a plan to divide and conquer.  K took A, Nana, and K’s sister-in-law to the National Cathedral for a flower show.  Since we knew J would not have responded favorably to several hours of walking around looking at flowers (not to mention how I would have responded), I took J downtown to see “his” museum, The Dinosaur Museum (for you folks without 6-year-old boys, it’s more commonly known as The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History).

Going on a Saturday during the school-year means lights crowds -- few tourists or field trips.

The Tyrannosaurus and the J-osaurus.

I saw this little fella crying because he was very scared of the dinosaurs. Then a big burly security guard came over and held his hand while he walked through the exhibit. Nice.

In case you're wondering, J is on the right.

The museum created an iPhone app that modifies a picture of a person into looking like a Neanderthal.

The original


Just like at home, J organized the dinosaurs in the gift store.

I always forget the food is priced for tourists. Here's our $24 lunch.

Having his fill of dinosaurs and $9 grilled cheese, J is ready for a nap.

Overall, it’s always great to spend time with just one of the kids.  J was social, inquisitive, and all-around happy, mostly because he didn’t have anybody with whom to fight, bicker, and complain.

And I’m sure K et al. had a lovely time at the flower show.  But he who writes the blog gets to determine which pictures to use.

On to Sunday.  Just as we have for the past several years, K’s brother and I took K, Nana, and K’s sister-in-law out for Mother’s Day lunch (although, due to the crowds, we got served so late it really was more of a Mother’s Day early dinner).

While the wait was long, the conversation was good.

A didn't seem to mind the wait, she knew there would be ice cream for dessert.

Maybe a little too much ice cream.

Nana's gift to K (and the whole family) was quilts made from the kids' crib sheets (and incorporating a baby picture on fabric)

A wouldn't put hers down.

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4 Comments on “Mother’s Day Weekend”

  1. Momologuer Says:

    Nana –

    Lovingly stitching two quilts and your constant love for J and A are priceless to me.

    Thank you.

  2. miss V. Says:

    What a great couple of days. The quilts are priceless, lucky grandkids !! Good job Nana…

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Now what are “hot rollars?” An iPad wouldn’t have helped me a bit. K to the rescue. There’s a time and place for just having one “kid” at a time. Nice Neander-J. But the “original” J is great. Special treatment for them as individual kids…which they are, and will become more so as the years roll along. Long waits for lunch/dinner notwithstanding, it sounds like it was a good time. Anytime is a good time when ice cream is involved. Right A ? Perhaps I’ll try to make a quilt someday. Yeah Sure.

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