All internal organs remain intact

Well, I survived the week without having an internal organ removed, which is always a plus.  We were kinda scattered to the wind this week;  K was at an annual conference in San Francisco, I was at a staff retreat, while Nana held down the fort with J and A.

Since we live close to each other, I usually ride to the staff retreat with our Minister of Music and our Director of Finance and HR.  One of our traditions is to make a stop at Walmart for supplies and at Sonic for refreshments.

I'm not sure I could convince K to get a mani/pedi at Walmart.

Since the closest Sonic to our home is near our retreat center, a Cherry Lime-Aid stop is always a requirement.

Another tradition is taking the staff out for dinner. This year we went to a Japanese steakhouse.

Documentation of when I lost my eyebrows.

Flinging food to staff members.

The funniest part of the restaurant was the antics of one of our servers shown above.  While he was flinging shrimp at some of our female staff members, he prefaced each toss with “Open your sexy mouth” (in a heavy Japanese accent).  Then, he routinely extinguished flames with a squirt bottle shaped like a little boy.

I’ll let you imagine from where the water squirted out of this little boy.

As we were leaving, this chef asked if we were all from an office.  When we mentioned that we were from a church, his only reaction was to say “uh-oh.”

Moving on …

So, while I was at the retreat, I tested the fun feature that lets you track your iPhone or iPad.  But I didn’t track my iPhone.

I can confirm that K was in San Fran. Or at least her iPad was.

The retreat was, as always, a great way to spend some time with the staff members away from the office.  On the way home, we had to stop one more time before we got too far away from a Sonic.

Double Stuff Oreo Sundae. Maybe I'm glad we don't have a Sonic nearby.

While I got home Wednesday night, K still had one more day in San Fran.

J enjoys a telephonic goodnight smooch from K.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I got to video-conference with K before she headed out for dinner.

K's still-daytime view out her hotel window (in juxtaposition to the nighttime, messy living room view in the lower left corner)

As I type, I’m tracking K’s flight as she heads back from San Fran.

She's halfway home

Now we just need the weekend to recover.

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2 Comments on “All internal organs remain intact”

  1. quotationmarks Says:

    aT least at 3:47pm she was in flight. I should check and see where she is now. I’d have no way to check on the location of her iPad. Looks like the staff knows how to have fun. I’m sure K was enjoying SF. Now as to Nana??? I’m sorry I didn’t know that she was handling the guys all by herself for half of the week. I think I found out on Wed. I’ll try to do better next time. Ha. Welcome home to K. Yes, some “down time” this weekend, expecially for Nana.

  2. miss V. Says:

    Glad you managed to hang onto the rest of your organs !! I am sure Nana needs a little down time, but you wouldn’t hear that from her I’ll bet. Glad all of you are together again…

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