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Last Day of Kindergarten

June 16, 2011

Yes, today was the last day of kindergarten for J and A.

As part of their end-of-year festivities, they put on a Reader’s Theater, where each of the kids read as a character in a short story.  First up was J’s group.

He's looking rather confident in his abilities.

A was in the next group.

Can you tell she picked out her own clothes?

I’ll spare you the entire story, since it was about 15 minutes long.

And no, I’m not kidding.

Here’s one of A’s lines.

Now they are officially in grade school.



Chlorophyll not welcomed

June 15, 2011

We decided to try a different pizza delivery company the other night.

I know, alert the media.  Really earth shattering news, eh?  Well for a certain member of our family for whom pizza is one of the four basic food groups (the other three being chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and, … uh … well I guess he only has three basic food groups), this was a decision of titanic proportions.

And he wasn’t happy about it.

You see, this particular brand of pizza tries to add a little, oh what’s it called … oh I know … “flavor” to their pizzas by adding some extra herbs/spices on the crust.  J took one look at his pizza and proclaimed:

“This isn’t right.  It has green on it.  Green doesn’t belong on pizzas.  Green belongs on trees.”


June 6, 2011


We were convinced the kids were going to have their baby teeth forever, since they are 6 1/2 and still hadn’t lost any.

A finally proved us wrong.

Grandfriends Day

June 1, 2011

The kids’ school had a Memorial Day celebration last week where they also celebrated Grandparents (under the more encompassing “Grandfriends” moniker).  So all the grandparents got a chance to come to their school, listen to patriotic songs sung (mostly) in tune, see artwork the kids had created, and view the kids in their daytime habitat.

A waits patiently for the program to start. J, not so much.

OK, A started to get into the act.

Getting ready to sing.

Back in the classroom, J frolics with his harem.

Granddad and A

Grandad corrals J long enough to get a picture.

Some of A's artwork on display

A representative of J's post-modern "Bird and Tree" phase

Four of the grandparents were there.

One was there in spirit.