Grandfriends Day

The kids’ school had a Memorial Day celebration last week where they also celebrated Grandparents (under the more encompassing “Grandfriends” moniker).  So all the grandparents got a chance to come to their school, listen to patriotic songs sung (mostly) in tune, see artwork the kids had created, and view the kids in their daytime habitat.

A waits patiently for the program to start. J, not so much.

OK, A started to get into the act.

Getting ready to sing.

Back in the classroom, J frolics with his harem.

Granddad and A

Grandad corrals J long enough to get a picture.

Some of A's artwork on display

A representative of J's post-modern "Bird and Tree" phase

Four of the grandparents were there.

One was there in spirit.

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5 Comments on “Grandfriends Day”

  1. IamNana Says:

    Well done, NotNed.

  2. miss V. Says:

    How wonderful for you all !!! Love the art work !!!

  3. quotationmarks Says:

    What a great day it was. You got some super long distance pics even though I’m sure I got in your way.
    THANKS for including the last picture.

  4. quotationmarks Says:

    Another one…after watching the video. A..with eyes right on the director. I’m thankful you were 2 seats to my right so you were able to “see around” the director. J’s hands at his side during the song. Great. And, not swinging back and forth like someone we all know and love.

  5. Debbie Sue Lyon Says:

    WELL! Let me first say, thank goodness for little girls! A saved the day….and as for J! Well, he’s DEFINITELY a little NotNed – right down to crossing his arm at the end and “resting” his chin on the other arm! My goodness, after all of that laborious singing he did, he HAD to rest! And I too have never heard the version about “wearing pink pajamas when she’s comes…” LOVE that version! And grandma C’s photo brought tears to my eyes….LOVED THE YOU TUBE – Thanks for including me – I love you all so much!

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