The big seven-oh

Seventy years ago today, my dad was born. It’s hard to believe that he’s 70, because the man never stops moving.  And in typical fashion, he is in motion today, traveling half way across the country to a wedding for his brother’s grandson.  But we did manage to get everybody together to celebrate before he took off.

A Chinese smörgåsbord was the food of the evening. I love the juxtaposition of mixed cultural references. And being able to use an umlaut.

The obligatory kids table.

J's grilled cheese (not a fan of Chinese food) was easy to pick up with chopsticks.

A proved that she can think outside the box by eating with a fork being held in the chopsticks.

Cake with candles so numerous they all blur together.

All the grandkids gave him a t-shirt with their handprints and ages

I found some cool cufflinks made from a wooden seat that had been in Ebbets Field, where he used to watch the Brooklyn Dodgers play back in the 1940s-50s.

Happy Birthday Dad/Granddad!

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3 Comments on “The big seven-oh”

  1. miss V. Says:

    Congrats to your Dad. A very thoughtful gift for him. Those two children are very creative & cute too. I just know how much fun you all had. Thanks for sharing..

  2. quotation marks Says:

    As Bob Hope used to say/sing: “Thanks for the memories.” I couldn’t have reached 70 without all the help from a great family. Enough said. I’d better “get moving.” Ha.

  3. Mike and Becky Barnes Says:

    Congrats on 70! Great pictures – thanks for sharing.

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