The first of many times

The kids have been in our church’s summer Day Camp this week.   A lot of the kids in camp are older brothers/sisters of our Child Development Center (i.e. preschool) students, so they may not regularly attend our church.  So it’s another chance for J and A to get out of their comfort zones and be around kids they may not know, but in a familiar environment.  It also gives Nana a chance to breath a little during the long summer break from school.

Ready for camp. Today is "Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Day." J is dutifully wearing his Redskins hat. A is wearing one of K's vintage soccer shirts that Nana saved for 30 years.

They’ve been doing a lot of interesting things (like going to a Washington Nationals game) and learning a lot of interesting things (like a cursory introduction to “the birds and the bees” courtesy of one of the older campers).  And, like for VBS, they get to ride to and from work with me (Hello HOV lanes!).  And I get to see them throughout the day.

This morning, I got a little taste of their teenage years.  I was walking them from the car to drop them off at the playground when A said:

“Daddy, you don’t have to walk us all the way there.  You can just go inside and sign us in and we can walk ourselves to the playground.”

Thinking this was odd, I asked A why she was so anxious to get to the playground.

“Because I want to see Ethan.”

Ah, another boy.  Of course.

Well, undeterred, I continued to walk them to the playground (while possibly holding A’s hand a little tighter than normal).  When I got to the gate, J turned around and gave me a big hug and said “Have a good day, Daddy!”  However, when I turned to hug A, she had already run off, with nary a word to me.  I looked up to see her standing next to a little blond boy, talking and gesturing very expressively.

It may be a wild guess, but I’m pretty sure it was Ethan.

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2 Comments on “The first of many times”

  1. miss V. Says:

    You just have to love it when they get information from other kids,groannnnnn. Buck up Dad, it’s only just begun…Tommrow is the last day of our vbs, I have really enjoyed doing it, we had a great group of kids.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Intro to the Bs and Bs….only the beginning. Now I need to do a BI on this kid Ethan…..I hope they survived the Nats game. What a neat opportunity……and the HOV isn’t bad too.

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