Let’s hope there won’t be locusts next

So, let’s recap the last week.

Earthquake? Check.

Hurricane? Check.

All we need now is a forest fire to complete the “Earth, Wind, and Fire” trifecta.

Saturday night, as the rain started to get steady, we had a birthday party to attend. Yes, we actually went to a party during a hurricane.  That was because if we hadn’t gone, the whining from the children would have been much more horrific than any hurricane.

Thanks to a present from Nana, got to play Jim Cantore all evening. I thought about grabbing a microphone and standing in front of somebody's house to see if they would freak out.

What better way to drown out the din of a hurricane than going to a 6 year old's birthday party.

The cake must have been good, since J usually avoids sweets. Either that or there was a kissing booth I didn't notice at the party.

After we got home, the winds started to pick up.  Since we live in the woods, surrounded by 100′ trees, we decided that sleeping in the basement might be prudent.  Of course, this was sleep in name only, since I ending up on the kids’ bed.  Or more precisely, on 8″ of the edge of the kids’ bed.

Our little cocoon for the night.

In the morning, this branch across the driveway was our biggest problem. In other words, we were very lucky.

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2 Comments on “Let’s hope there won’t be locusts next”

  1. miss V. Says:

    So glad you all weathered the storm o.k. We were sending prayers . I actually have enjoyed seeing you do the weather thing & freaking folks out. But then I do have a rather odd sence of humor !!

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Your next career; weather man…love it. “Sleeping” in the basemanet, yea, sure. Now J, I’m not quite so sure. This looked like a boy/girl party. Knowing his non-fondness for sweets, I think I agree with you about the “booth,” or perhaps there was a game of “spin – – .” With all those trees, you were really spared. I have an applicant in NW DC who had big tree hit house (he’d been in it for a month) and his car out front.

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