1st Grade

Successfully dropped off the kids at 1st grade.  Everything went smoothly, with the possible exception of the hand washing enforcer (aka the class assistant) who physically blocked the door, not letting J and A through until they had washed their hands in the bathroom.  But after this slight delay, we got them settled and hung around a little until we knew they were good.

And what was my signal that they were good?  It was when I bent over J to give him a kiss and he looked up and said, “Can’t you go now?”

Guess I’m not worried about them crying on the first day anymore.

One last iPad session

Getting snapped in

New backpacks

Ready to go

And the official “First Day of School Rock” pictures:

2008 - Preschool

2009 - Preschool

2010 - Kindergarten

2011 - 1st Grade

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4 Comments on “1st Grade”

  1. miss V. Says:

    They are growing so fast..It is sad for parents & Nana’s when they really just want you to leave. Sniff. So good for them though. Sigh !!

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Love the sitting on the rock picture(s). It’ll be interesting when they are teenagers……gotta love twins…I know I do.

  3. Uncle S Says:

    “we’re gonna need a bigger rock.”

  4. Brother J Says:

    Uncle S beat me to the quote! I was thinking the same thing!:)

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