Curse you, George Lucas.

Ever since one cold Minnesota day in 1977 (which narrows it down to about an 11 month period), I’ve been in love.  That day, my family braved a frozen theater driveway (yes, I remember those type of details from that day), to go see a little movie called Star Wars.  Ever since then, I’ve seen the movies countless times, collected hundreds of toys (which eventually may be worth enough to send the kids to college), and purchased the movies on video.

And purchased,

and purchased,

and purchased,

and purchased,

and purchased again.

And now that I am the proud owner of the Blu-ray version of the Star Wars movies, it brings my total number of complete versions to 6:


LaserDisc (pan & scan, original version)

LaserDisc (widescreen, Special Edition version)




A family photo

And yes, I still have the machines to play all these versions.

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3 Comments on “Curse you, George Lucas.”

  1. miss V. Says:


  2. quotation marks Says:

    And I remember the cold, frozen tundra of Minnesota. Summer was for one week in July every year. As to the LUCAS/STAR WARS saga, I imagine you’re passing this on to J and A. Well maybe not. J has his dinosaurs, and A has her “outfits.” Someday A and K will be wearing each other’s stuff. I hope all of the “machines” still work. But if they didn’t, you’d fix them. Hey, a thought; you never have to go out for “movie night.” But then again, I imagine you do.

  3. Uncle S Says:

    Cough, cough. . . loser. . . cough, cough. Amazing you ever had a date.

    Awaiting your pithy retort. Try not to hurt yourself thinking too hard.

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