Unexpected bachelor weekend

This weekend, our Sunday School class was at our church’s Retreat Center.  Usually, we go up on Friday night.  But this year, a Saturday morning meeting at church meant that only K and the kids headed up Friday night. The plan was for me to go after the meeting and get to the Retreat Center a little after noon. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans in mind, producing a forecast that contained a little four-letter word not usually associated with October (at least around here).

We had only flurries in my immediate vicinity, but our Retreat Center is located about an hour and a half west of here, and about 1000 feet higher in altitude.  There were calls for 5-8″ of snow Saturday.  So, as my morning meeting wrapped up, I called K to see how the roads were.  As of noon, there were already a couple of inches on the ground, and it was supposed to continue to snow for most of the day.  So I was looking at a couple of hours on snowy roads, spending the evening at the Retreat Center, then getting up early Sunday, hoping the roads would be OK, in order to be back at church by our 8:30 service.

Did I mention I sent K and the kids to the Retreat Center in my truck, leaving me with K’s rear-wheel drive sedan?

Given all these issues, K and I made the call that I would stay home.  Now, I love spending time at our Retreat Center.  And the Retreat Center in the snow is even better.  Plus, we were going to have a Halloween party for the kids on Saturday night.  So I was bummed.  But not all was lost.

I now had 12 hours of Saturday to wallow in complete bachelor mode.

Let’s make a bachelor mode list, shall we?

1. Plumbing repair project?


2. Action movie?


3. Poor nutritional choices?


4. Watching one football game on TV, one on computer, and one on iPhone?

Check, check, and check.

Of course, this is what I missed at our Retreat Center

I think I would have rather been here.

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One Comment on “Unexpected bachelor weekend”

  1. miss V. Says:

    What, where was the BACON ?? Those alone, you can do what you want days, seem to be lacking something don’t they?Nice acknowledgement.

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