Halloween 2011

As you may recall from previous posts, I love Halloween.  Usually we have a big costume party at the house.  But this year, our Sunday School Class retreat was scheduled for this past weekend, so we didn’t have the party at the house (there was a small Halloween party at the retreat, but since I got snowed out, I didn’t get to participate). But luckily, our church hosts a Trunk or Treat celebration on Halloween night, so I did get to indulge my inner child (more on that later).

K and the kids traditionally spend the evening with J and A’s best friend T and his family.  We started going to their house years ago since our neighborhood is, shall we say, less than optimal for Trick or Treating (no sidewalks, no streetlights, and the closest house is a quarter-mile away).  And since T’s family lives about 45 minutes from church without traffic, getting to our Trunk or Treat even would take them the better part of a day.  So, K takes the kids there while I am at church.

J as Darth Vader, A as Batgirl, with friends T and J, ready to head out.

Biker chick K, complete with faux piercings and tattoo arm sleeves

The gang out trick or treating. J came to the realization that Darth Vader must not have been able to see squat.

One story about J.  As referenced above, he couldn’t see very well out of his mask.  So most of the evening, he pulled the mask up and wore it on top of his head.  While this improved his forward vision, his peripheral vision was still less than optimal due to the sides of the mask.  One time, he started running in order to catch up with the gang.  When he turned his head to look to the side, he didn’t notice the parked car directly in his path.  After the inevitable physics lesson in momentum and inertia, K knew he was fine when his only response was “Whoa, that wasn’t good.”

Now, on to my exploits at church.  Last year, Nana and I made me a Cap’n Crunch outfit.  Never one to rest on my laurels, I knew I had to raise the bar.  The only problem was that Nana was out of town.  But never fear, my wife has learned at the feet of the master, so the two of us were able to pull together this little number:

If you don’t know the reference, well, shame on you.  Here’s a little primer …

I spent Halloween night walking around, talking in my best Swedish Chef accent.  The best part was talking to some of our church kids who didn’t know who I was under the mask, yet I knew all their names.  And I only scared one small child to tears.

At church for the start of Trunk or Treat

Proof that at least one parent didn't think I was a random weirdo walking around in a mask. (And that joke writes itself ... "No, you're not random.")


Just had to include another, better picture of K in costume.  This was taken at our Sunday School class retreat:

Our Sunday School teacher has never seen K look so, um, refined. You really need to click on this pic to see her up close and personal.

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