Start spreadin’ the news …

… we’re leavin’ today.

K and I are at the airport, about to get on a flight to The Big Apple. This is a slightly belated anniversary trip. But since K wanted to see a certain show in NYC that wasn’t open on our actual anniversary, we delayed things to accommodate her desires.

And I do mean “desires”

We are seeing Hugh Jackman’s one man show

I figure she owes me good after this one.


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2 Comments on “Start spreadin’ the news …”

  1. miss V. Says:

    I am sure you had a great time..Hugh Jackman !!Sigh…

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Boy am I “late” in checking out the blog. I’ll put several comments together. BORK, BORK, BORK….and you were right on pitch with the real “character.” Gotta love the “biker gal,” piercings, tattoos and all. We’ll stick with what is visible…. CBC Trunk or Treat was great. Nice preflight picture. I look forward to any of the actual visit to NYC. A nice place to “visit,” or as some put it “A nice place to be from.” Ah but the sights, and smells and many countries all rolled up into one, and the subways, and the taxis, etc. = FUN.

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