On the road again

As I type, we’re headed down to the Outer Banks to spend Thanksgiving with CPQ and her gang. Planning for this trip started a while back when one of us said “Hey, we should do Thanksgiving together some time.” As is our want, any simple plans tend to grow exponentially. Long story short, we ended up renting a house on the beach. And our initially simple “Let’s just get a rotisserie chicken and some pre-made mashed potatoes,” Thanksgiving dinner has slowly evolved into both of our families bringing enough food to feed a small army.

Go big or go home.

So, we’re now headed south to stay for 5 days. Our only goals are goofing off, watching football, and eating several times our own body weights.

In other words, a typical ImNotNed/CPQ family experience.

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2 Comments on “On the road again”

  1. miss V. Says:

    Sounds like fun !!! Have a safe and Blessed Thanksgiving..Be sure to pack your adjustable waist pants…

  2. quotation marks Says:

    ….a “small army”….with all of the people, is sounds like a pretty BIG army. CPQ’s “bunch” is pretty BIG. Just kidding. Now back to work. I look forward to hearing about it….probably some on your next entry. And by the way, the “shuffling,” Christmas house- decorating party YouTube that “popped” in there, supra, was a nice addition. I was just trying to see who was who. I’ll understand the techy stuff someday. Not.
    See ya.

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