A Christmas Story

I had planned a post reporting on our family’s yearly watching of the movie “A Christmas Story.”  As I’ve noted in the past, this has become one of my favorite evenings of the season, because it bring back lots of family memories (both for my dad, who grew up in the same era in which the film is set, and for me and my brother, whose growing-up experiences parallel a lot of the action in the movie).

But then I heard a story from one of our church employees that beats anything I could write.

Our church has a tutoring program for disadvantaged children.  We normally tutor about 30-40 kids each week during the school year.  About a week ago, somebody approached us, looking for a way to provide a little directed assistance to some children in need.  Well, the kids we tutor are just about as needy as they come.  So this person provided enough money for us to give each child a $15 gift card to Target.

You have no idea the impact this had.

When we announced every child would be getting $15, there was an audible gasp in the room.  Then some kids started jumping up and down.  Others started to cheer.  But one little girl just sat down and cried.  When somebody asked her why she was crying, she looked up and said,

“I’m just so happy.  Now I can by my mother a Christmas gift.”

Merry Christmas, indeed.

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One Comment on “A Christmas Story”

  1. miss V. Says:

    Out of the mouths of Babes !!! Wishing you all a most Blessed Christmas, and an Even Better New Year !!! Enjoyed the news letter as always !!! Us at H Hall.

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