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Maybe not four score …

January 30, 2012

… but 7 years ago today, K said those three words that has sent both excitement and abject terror into the hearts of men throughout the ages.

My water broke.

And with that, we ended 101 days of K being on bedrest, and officially started 7 years of J and A

Some highlights …

A gets fed for the first time

While J heads to the beginning of his 6 week NICU stint

Once we got J home, the real fun began. I call this picture "Holy crap! We suddenly have two kids!"

One of the few quiet moments.

A real moment ... their first trip to Krispy Kreme

J doesn't look too happy at their first photo session

But he seemed much happier post heart surgery

First pair of shoes

First Halloween as Luke and Leia (Get it? Boy/Girl twins? Can you tell it was my choice?)

First Christmas presents

1st birthday

An afternoon reading


Who doesn't like footy pajamas?

A day at the park

Everybody needs a little reading material

Nice hats


Sleeping Beauty

He might need some nose work done.

Hiding spot

Ready for a school performance

Thanksgiving at the beach

Happy Birthday, J and A!



January 26, 2012

We were all out for dinner at a local sports-themed-so-they’re-required-by-law-to-have-a-tv-covering-every-square-inch-of-the-walls place.  On one the TVs they were showing women’s golf (in-between the TV showing Australian rules football and another showing left-handed albino cricket).  The woman on TV had shoulder-length blond hair in a ponytail pulled through the back of a baseball hat, i.e. the same look K has when she plays golf.  Seeing this, J exclaimed:

“Mommy, how did you get on TV?”

To which K responded

“Honey, that’s nice that you think that’s me.  But I’ve got 15 more years, 15 more pounds, and 15 more strokes than that lady.”

Duly Noted

January 12, 2012

A loves to write notes.  She leaves little notes all around the house.  Of course, the content of these notes tends to vary based on her mood.  Case in point:

This was her note left on the study door while she was in there "working." After we complained that we needed to get into the study, she reluctantly added "Only Mommy" then "& Nana" and finally "& Daddy." Poor J never made the cut.

But not to worry.  Sometimes she really appreciates her brother.  She wrote this note to him the other day.  Her heart was in the right place, but one can’t help but wonder if this was a Freudian slip.

What a difference dropping one little "r" makes.

Happy Birthday K!

January 4, 2012

Today is K’s birthday, but we had an early party for her last night due to lots of conflicts for tonight.  These were this kids’ presents to her:

Now she just needs to figure out whose to wear first.