Hail to the Traffic

As I mentioned yesterday, living near DC has some unique advantages.  Here’s another, although sometimes it can be considered a distinct disadvantage.

I was sitting in a staff meeting the other day, when I suddenly heard a lot of motorcycles going by.  Thinking it was just a funeral procession, I didn’t even look out the window.  Then one of our staff says “That’s somebody important going by.”  Sure enough, the several motorcycles were followed by several black SUVs, several black vans, several police cars, and two very large limousines.

“That has got to be the President,” somebody said.

Checking his online schedule, we confirmed that the President was en route to make a quick speech nearby.  We also saw that he had to be back in the White house less than an hour later, so he’d probably come back by the church. So, about a half hour later …

I’m just glad I wasn’t stuck on a cross street, since they close everything down for 10-15 minutes, which makes the already bad traffic soooo much better.

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