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Old man

March 28, 2012

Today is my (much older) brother’s birthday.  Buying gifts for him is usually pretty easy, since we tend to have a similarly warped sense of the world.

Except when it comes to certain TV shows.

For some reason, my brother developed a love of long, drawn out, romantic, historical dramas, ones which are normally targeted at women.  Of course, recently this means Downton Abbey.  He jumped on the craze a little late in the game, and needed to spend a couple of days catching season one on Netflix.  Unable to stand the suspense, he then borrowed Nana’s season two DVDs and spent the next several days holed up in his basement.

While I may not understand his penchant for these types of shows, it did make getting part of his birthday present a little easier …

Ear today, gone tomorrow.

March 21, 2012

For about a week or so, we’d noticed that A had been tugging on her ear a lot.  When we asked her if it hurt, she always said no.  She never complained about it, but it was obvious that something was going on.  So, while the kids were out of school last Friday for a teacher work day, I finally took her to see the doctor.


This is what he pulled out of A’s ear:


Note my finger to give a sense of scale.

Needless to say, after pulling this wad of … something … out of her ear, A felt much better.  The doctor thinks an insect may have flow into her hear, gotten stuck, and her body compensated by completely mummifying the bug in ear wax.

And checking Google, the phrase “mummifying the bug in ear wax” has never appeared on the Internet.



March 16, 2012

K’s office, like approximately 99.95% of the offices in America, is watching its productivity take a nose dive during March thanks to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  This diminished productivity is exacerbated by their tournament pool.  K “donated” $2 for two brackets for us to fill out.  However, since both K and I watch a grand total of about 7 seconds of basketball each year, we figured it would be just as effective to let J and A pick our brackets.

So far, A is 3 for 15.

J is 11 for 15.

I’m thinking about taking J to Vegas.  Although I’m a little worried about his choice of Murray State to win it all.

A's bracket (click for larger view)

J's bracket (click to larger view)

Sign us up for ER frequent flyer miles

March 8, 2012

So we’ve done something that can only be described as good intentioned, but that will most likely lead to many trips to the Emergency Room in the future.

We bought a trampoline.

I can really blame my brother for this.  He bought his kids one last year, which instantly became the object of desire for J and A.  Any time they saw it in use, they would ask if they could go over and join in.  As Christmas approached, there was only one item on A’s Christmas list.  Figuring it would be a good way to get them some outdoor exercise, we gave in.  Santa “miraculously” left one in our garage Christmas morning (mostly because Santa’s helper did not want to risk multiple hernias from attempting to move the two 100-pound boxes into the house).

Fast forward two months, when the weather was marginally able to support extended bouncing activities.  Last Friday, I spent a good portion of the day setting up this monstrosity.

One of the two boxes after having spewed forth its contents.

Aforementioned contents.

So far so good. Frame assembled.

After attaching 4,284 springs, the bouncing surface is attached.

Removal of the bouncing surface and 4,284 springs, after I realized I misassembled the frame in the first picture. Did I mention I have an aerospace engineering degree?

After a total of two hours, it's ready to go. Not bad considering I pretty much built it twice.

The entire time I was assembling it, the weather was sunny and warm.  However, an hour before the kids got home from school, a cold front moved through, producing a lot of rain and dropping the temps by 20 degrees.

But this did not deter A.

She pulled on two pairs of pants, three pairs of socks, and winter coat, and headed out.

I got a new camera a couple of weeks ago, so forgive me for indulging in a couple of useless videos showcasing its slow motion capability.

The geek in me loves the drops of water flying around in slo-mo.

The next day was slightly warmer (and much drier), so J made it out.  Not wanting to miss the fun (and after being prodded by the kids), K decided to give it a try.

K should be out of traction by next week.

Double date

March 2, 2012

This is how we’re spending our morning: