K’s office, like approximately 99.95% of the offices in America, is watching its productivity take a nose dive during March thanks to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  This diminished productivity is exacerbated by their tournament pool.  K “donated” $2 for two brackets for us to fill out.  However, since both K and I watch a grand total of about 7 seconds of basketball each year, we figured it would be just as effective to let J and A pick our brackets.

So far, A is 3 for 15.

J is 11 for 15.

I’m thinking about taking J to Vegas.  Although I’m a little worried about his choice of Murray State to win it all.

A's bracket (click for larger view)

J's bracket (click to larger view)

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3 Comments on “Bracketology”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Go, J! I always favor TX, KS, Duke, UNC and Michigan State. Don’t know how much it helps my bracket but it promotes peace and familial harmony.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    I’m not a BB fan…but the March Madness is usually interesting. GO J. maybe he and I would make a good pair in LV….in about 14 years. He was 50/50 on the NF State win and the Duke loss, but he picked it up elsewhere. I guess we could follow their progress, but let us know how they do at the end. Now how’s K doing? She’s the one who has the “big bucks” on the outcome.
    Sorry about the baseball today….maybe next week. At least that might give all of you a chance to practce on the trampoline….go Nana.

  3. miss V. Says:

    Go J. I must say that MICHIGAN STATE is favored in this house, as it is our home town..Go Green..As far as you can anyway…LOL.

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