Ball of T

Another two weeks without a blog post.  Oh well.  Since a lot of what we’ve been doing the past several weeks has involved getting the kids to/from various tball practices and games, I thought I’d include a recap of some of the festivities.

Ready to play

Yes, that’s a pink bat.

A’s oh-so-cute ponytail. Which, BTW, she had cut off the next day. I wept openly.

Once again showing off a cool feature of my new camera, here are a series of rapid-fire stills of J at bat.  Neat-o-fun game to play at home: if you scroll fast enough, it looks like one of those old flip-book style Mutoscopes!

Not to be outdone, here’s some of A making a play at 1st.

J has the most fun running the bases

A prepares to knock one out of the park. Or at least back to the pitcher.

If you’ve ever watched tball, you know the rules are made a little easier for the younger kids.  There are no outs, which is convenient for two reasons:

  1. At this age, batters tend to break down and wail uncontrollably when they are “out.”  Their parents tend to do so as well.
  2. I’m not sure if, in the recorded history of tball, any fielding play has ever produced an actual out. Usually each play involves the fielders either all mobbing the ball and fighting over who gets to throw it, or they are too busy playing in the dirt to notice that the ball just went right past them.

This rule means every batter bats each inning and simply runs to 1st base, regardless of how far the ball is hit.  The last batter in every inning gets to run all the way around, no matter what.  This was J’s first “home run.”  And no, his name is not “Jack.”  That was simply the name of the child on base in front of him, whose parents felt it necessary to yell directions at him the entire time.

Here’s one of A’s hits.  The child on base before A (yes, his name is “Bogie”) also received a fair amount of “encouragement” from his parents.

After the game, it was deemed that ice cream was in order:

A’s post game fashion statement … pink Uggs.

A good time was had by all.

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2 Comments on “Ball of T”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Now what a way to spend some quality time = Tball. Camera is great. Run J, run. Last one at bat = home run. A, great form picking up ground ball. As I found from many seasons of LL experience, it would probably be great if all the parents would stay home….Not. But you would say that I was the greatest “offender,” (aka encourager.) And as I hear, J would like to play Tball every day. Who knows, maybe he’ll be the next Harper. That was my childhood dream, but I guess I found another “dream” job. As to the post-game ice cream stop, I imagine K was the driving force behind that. Ha.

  2. miss V. Says:

    T-ball, what fun..All three of our boys played, all at different we were there often.It looks like J & A are enjoying it,along with encouragement from family..The ice cream is always a bonus, good work K.

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