They say the neon lights are bright …

The kids’ spring concert at church was this weekend.  While they may not have had any of the starring roles (yet), it’s always a hoot to watch.  And like most parents, if you ask me what the other kids were doing while J and A were on stage, I will reply “There were other kids on stage?”

A is one of the few actually watching the director, while J works the crowd.

And scratches.

This is A’s “Dad, I noticed you taking pictures and now I’m even more self-conscious” look.

And here, J models the o-so-fashionable “sash and sandals” look.

Look out! Choreography ahead!

A, J, and their cousin L (on J’s left) obviously thought this part was a riot.

Despite looking as if he’s completely lost, J is the only one holding the choreography correctly. My boy.

And time for the big finish.

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2 Comments on “They say the neon lights are bright …”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    I guess there were other kids on the stage. Let’s see….hmmmm. At least T and, as you noted, a cousin were there. Yep. And J interfaced with everyone else and was all over the place, but right where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be. . He did WATCH the director. [and yesterday he must have been watching the Director as we couldn’t see him since she was right in front of him.] I’m so glad that you have a “good” camera. You get the best shots. Thanks. I was there, but this was such a good “reprise.”

  2. miss V. Says:

    These are always a hoot as you said..J & A did a fine job !!! Our Tess had her school musical last week, and our Jordynn had her final Jr. High symphony consert !! Delighted Grandparents !!!

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