From 1st World to 3rd World

To say this has been a weekend of contrasts would be an understatement. On Friday, K and I went to one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the region to watch the AT&T National golf tournament


We saw some great golf, including some guy named Tiger


We knew the forecast was for high temps, but I believe 104, with a heat index of 115, goes a little beyond “high” into the “Africa hot” region.


After getting home, the news was all a-buzz about storms moving into the area. You know it’s not good when one of the local weathermen breaks into regular programming to announce “Big storms are coming. You willlose power.”


We did lose power, and brought the kids downstairs to ride out the storm. After it passed, we could tell it was pretty bad outside, but could only see some vague shapes in the darkness. We slept without power Friday night and awoke to this in our front yard.


This is the top of three large trees that snapped off about 60 feet up. Our neighbor came over with his chainsaw, and we cleared most of the mess before it got too hot Saturday morning.


This tree is just off our driveway. Luckily it seems to be headed away from the driveway, and behind another large tree. We escaped the storm shaken, but without any damage.

My brother was not so lucky.


He had an 80 foot oak tree take out his front porch. Luckily it didn’t go inside the house, but it’s still a mess.

Overall, over a million people in our area lost power. Our house not only didn’t have power, but we lost landline phones, water (since we’re on a well), and even cell service. So, for all intents and purposes, we were cut off from civilization. We couldn’t even get out of our neighborhood because a 3 foot diameter tree was across the only road out of our area. Luckily neighbors banded together and cut it up by about 2pm.


We were able to make it out to find active cell service, receiving a dozen texts and phone calls that had been queued up since Friday night. Most of my messages were concerning what to do about church, since power and phones were out there as well. Even though our main church campus didn’t have power as of Sunday AM, we forged ahead with one service. It was actually pretty neat. I call it Church Unplugged.

Power came back up at church about 3pm Sunday, so it’s business as (somewhat) usual on Monday. We still don’t have power as of Sunday evening, so we’re staying with my dad, who never lost power. They are saying that power may not be back up for some residents until later this week.

Gives you a little perspective.

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One Comment on “From 1st World to 3rd World”

  1. miss V. Says:

    So great full you are all o.k. To bad about the trees, glad your house wasn’t damaged..Sorry about your brothers porch. God is good though, those can all be replaced…

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