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Drip, drip, drip

September 27, 2012

That was the first indication we had that something wasn’t right.  Nana noticed some water dripping from the blinds in her room.  We had some pretty powerful winds and rain, so we figured it might have just blown through a gap in the window.  But then I tracked the water back to a really small gap in the caulking around the edge of the top of the window.


A week or so ago, we had a really strong storm pass through.  It knocked a lot of trees down, but it didn’t appear to cause any real damage. We had a small branch sitting on the roof, but we really couldn’t get to it without risking life and limb (hah!), so we figured we’d just wait until it blew down.

As I walked to the attic stairs tonight, I joked with Nana that I hoped that limb wasn’t sticking through the roof.

Um, yeah.

This would be said 3″ diameter limb sticking through the roof into the attic. Either that or we have an elephant on the roof.

I’m guessing I’ll be spending my day off on Friday coordinating insurance and repair men.


A NotNed Family Dinner Conversation

September 27, 2012

As we sat down for dinner last night, I heard a small, shall we say, “toot” coming from A’s general direction.  When she started to giggle, I knew it was what I thought it was.  Noticing the attention, she then proceeded to go all out with a full-bore, rip-roarin’ version of the same bodily function.  Not content with subtle humor, she then blurted out “We don’t need a ceiling fan in here with all the tooting I’m doing!”

Ah, my dainty flower.

My only response was “Honey, years from now, when you’re on your first date, please repeat this exact same conversation.”

Another doctor

September 21, 2012

As I type, we’re just finishing up another doctor appointment. Luckily, this one is simply the kids’ 6 month dentist checkup.

20120921-092432.jpgA’s ready

20120921-092447.jpgJ felt like a rock star

Good reports all around.

Come back in 9 months

September 12, 2012

So this morning was J’s six month cardiologist checkup.  And once again, the story was “Everything looks the same,” which is exactly what we’re looking for.  But one change is that the cardiologist thought it would be fine if we got on a 9 month cycle for appointments instead of a 6 month one.  While in some ways we’d like to have a cardiologist follow him around, monitoring his heart condition 24/7, we’re thrilled with the change, because fewer doctor appointments = more “normal” = mo better.

2nd Grade

September 4, 2012

Just a short post to document the beginning of a new school year, and to post the next picture in the “Sitting on the Rock on the First Day of School” series:

2008 – Preschool Year One

2009 – Preschool Year Two

2010 – Kindergarten

2011 – 1st Grade

2012 – 2nd Grade