2nd Grade

Just a short post to document the beginning of a new school year, and to post the next picture in the “Sitting on the Rock on the First Day of School” series:

2008 – Preschool Year One

2009 – Preschool Year Two

2010 – Kindergarten

2011 – 1st Grade

2012 – 2nd Grade

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4 Comments on “2nd Grade”

  1. CPQ Says:

    Can they stop growing, please? Hope it’s a great year for them.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    This is the one “new” picture that I look forward to each year. When they get “bigger,” you may have to add a second rock. I’m just trying to see them in the 11th or 12th grade…..then on to college??
    “Yikes!” I guess this is how the company makes money = “Advertisement” for “Sinister.” I guess this is why I don’t do to see many movies these days. Maybe the ad changes regularly.

    Now back to the story: A tremendous way to record the day(s). Thanks.

  3. miss V. Says:

    What a great way to record each year..They are growing so fast it seems..I hope their year is as special as they are,,

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