A NotNed Family Dinner Conversation

As we sat down for dinner last night, I heard a small, shall we say, “toot” coming from A’s general direction.  When she started to giggle, I knew it was what I thought it was.  Noticing the attention, she then proceeded to go all out with a full-bore, rip-roarin’ version of the same bodily function.  Not content with subtle humor, she then blurted out “We don’t need a ceiling fan in here with all the tooting I’m doing!”

Ah, my dainty flower.

My only response was “Honey, years from now, when you’re on your first date, please repeat this exact same conversation.”

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4 Comments on “A NotNed Family Dinner Conversation”

  1. Yes…..her brother will certainly recant ALL of her “toots”….funny and not-so-funny…..I recall my younger “preacher” brother hanging over a banister and bellowing out (as a first date was waiting patiently below)…”Love is a many splendored thing….” Oh the joys of siblings!!!

  2. Heather S. Mayhew Says:

    Usually you would say…boys will be boys…but what on earth to you say for a girl with such a wit about her?!!!!

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Ah yes; two of my close friends comments above. Southerners that they are. You blog is read far and wide. But by me, no comment necessary at this time. As the father of two boys, I’m learning that some girls can still have some ZITS fun too.

  4. miss V. Says:

    And there you have it..These things happen, to boys AND girls..lol..

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