Halloween 2012

As you might remember, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I don’t know if it’s the dressing up part, or the ability to apply engineering skills to useless prop creation, or a combination of both.  But I tend to go big or go home when it comes to Halloween.  This year was no exception.

We like to host a Halloween party the Saturday before Halloween so the kids (and I) can wear costumes more than one night. I’ve decorating our house based on Disney Worlds’ Haunted Mansion for the past couple of years.  You can see more details about the setup in posts from previous years.

It’s not Halloween until the fog machine is going.

A as Pink BatGirl, K as a biker chick, and J as Darth Vader

A closer shot of K’s arm “tattoos”

As I said, I tend to go all out for Halloween, especially for my costume.  Some previous year’s costumes include …

2010 – Cap’n Crunch

2011 – The Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show.

This year, I started working on my costume two months ago, mostly because I wanted to give the final product a chance to air out after I made it.  You see, you take one set of old camo BDUs, an old set of combat boots, some random military paraphernalia, a green morph suit, and add a can of primer and three cans of green spray paint, and you get…

… a life-sized plastic army man.

The classic hand-grenade-throwing pose

When guests started arriving at our house, I just stood motionless in the corner, only moving after a couple of minutes.  One 7-year-old came up and poked me with his ninja sword, thinking I was a statue.  When I turned my head at him, he levitated about 3 feet off of the ground.

Good times.

The party was a great.  We really like it that our friends not only bring their kids, but they too get into the mood by getting into costume.

Doug, our mad-scientist friend, was one of my favorites.

On Halloween night itself, our church always has a Trunk or Treat party for the neighborhood.  It was especially timely this year, as hurricane Sandy had left a lot of the church’s surrounding neighborhood without power for several days.  I think the 1000+ attendees appreciated the effort we went through to make sure Trunk of Treat went forward.

The weather was a little cold, so BatGirl and Darth had to bundle up

At the petting zoo, J makes friends with one of the ponies. They also had pigs, llamas, and, since no Halloween petting zoo would be complete without one, they also had …

… tarantulas, as demonstrated by my dad.

Kids were fascinated by the army man.

I was asked to pose for pictures probably a couple dozen times.

And now I’ll start planning for next year’s costume.

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3 Comments on “Halloween 2012”

  1. miss V. Says:

    Excellent !!! Your costume was very creative, and making small children levitate is always fun!!! A&J and K all were adorable..Good for your Dad, you couldn’t get me anywhere near one of those things. So glad your church was able to make all feel some relief if only for a few hours.

    • Heather S. Mayhew Says:

      Why wouldn’t your dad be able to hold that awful bug in his hand….after all he used to chase criminals down the street. The man has no fear!BTW, that Hurricane’s name was Sandy….where in the world did you get Sally…well they both start with an S….loved y’all’s costumes. Thot Kate was a “piratess” and had no idea what you were but I loved it all. You guys are so much FUN!

      • imnotned Says:

        Thanks for the correction, Heather. We all heard the word “Sandy” so many times the past week, I’m surprised it came out as Sally. I’ll blame autocorrect … yeah, that sound about right. It’s now fixed.

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