Thanksgiving week, Part 1, aka “Science!”

Yes, Thanksgiving is so big, it took me a week to recap everything that happened.

Either that, or I was too lazy to do multiple posts last week.

Moving on.

Given that the kids were off the whole week, K and I decided to take the week off as well. And it really had nothing to do with the fact that we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, which meant we were having 25 people over on Thursday and needed to get the house in order.  No, nothing to do with that at all.

In an attempt to keep their brains somewhat engaged during their 10 day break from school, we decided to take the kids up to the Maryland Science Center on Tuesday. For those unfamiliar with this type of place, it’s where we geeks take our kids for a good time.  And where I try not to criticize or correct any of the exhibits.

Welcome to Baltimore, hon!

Always a good start when someplace has a hydrogen canon shooting ping-pong balls in the lobby.

And yes, J said “Holy Crab!” with a “b.”  Gotta love it when they pick up catch phrases from older Baltimore kids.

As soon as J saw this, he knew he was home.

A was a little less enthused.

Gotta love artificial tornadoes.  I’m already scheming on how I can build one of these.

And the tug-o-war demonstrating the power of the lever was a big hit.

I can remember seeing a pin table for the first time in EPCOT in 1983.  Good to see my fascination with them is genetic.

Some people take pictures of their family’s hand prints in the sand. We geek families take pictures of our hand prints in pin walls.

J discovering a new species in the fish tank cam.

Next we have  A testing the concept of a distributed load by lying on a bed of nails

The Center had a cool planetarium show. They have one of the oldest functioning star projectors. Of course, the entire planetarium is now digital, so they don’t use this projector. It lowered below the floor for the show. Ironic in a way.

I could have spent all day in the Science Center.  But after 5 hours, I knew the kids had seen enough.

When J curled up in the fetal position, I knew it was time to go.

Next up, Thanksgiving Week, Part 2, aka “The Prep”

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4 Comments on “Thanksgiving week, Part 1, aka “Science!””

  1. CPQ Says:

    I’m thinking a Carpool/NotNed family vacation to Pittsburgh for the Carnegie Museum is in order. With food stops.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Wow, what a week….or should I say day. I think the big Guy enjoys a field trip day like this more than the “students.” There are even names for such things as “pin walls.” Who woulda known. And I’m really not sure just what the fish tank cam is all about. But, just relax A, nope, not one second of relaxing even though lying down, lest a nail puncture something. Now how is that word spelled? Is it with a p or a b? 5 hours = nuff.. I’d be on the floor myself. But your partner in crime, CPQ seems to have another such place on the drawing board. You guys do get around. Good. And then you got home and = part 2 after you do some real work..or practicing for the…..well I won’t spoil the surprise of 12/8 and 9. Whew… Hey, are there any quotation marks in this entire thing?

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Hmmmmm. students and pin walls…..those words were off my screen so I guess I was wrong. Oh well.

  4. miss V. Says:

    Wonderful..I can hardly wait for the Carnegie trip !!!

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